The Mass Awakening

Are the people finally waking up from their long slumbers?

Are they finally starting to get fed up with the way things are?

Are the people finally revolting against the System for self-determination?

It’s still far too early to declare with certainty, but I believe we are witnessing the beginning stages of a mass awakening in the West. The people are starting to see the insanity of it all as our societies are starting to become unstable. They are starting to lose faith in their overlords who they now see as the corrupt and uncaring technocrats they are. The people are finally becoming aware of the subjugation they’ve tolerated thus far and just how much of a sham their “freedom” and democracy really is.

And why is this happening now?

To understand, you must be aware that most people simultaneously exist in two worlds: the material and the immaterial. When one world starts to dominate a man’s life, the other will diminish in its influence. But the reverse is also possible: when one world suffers, the afflicted man will usually compensate by expanding the other world to dominate his life. For example, when a man enjoys material abundance along with peace and security, his spirit for competition, struggle, and exertion will diminish as he will be busy relishing in what he has. He has no need for a higher meaning and will be overcome with complacency unless he creates new challenges for himself. But should the same man lose it all and experience scarcity, physical discomfort, and uncertainty, he will experience an aroused state of his primal energy. His desperation for survival will ignite his masculine instincts of struggle, competition, violence, tribalism, and self-sacrifice. He will now cling onto whatever the immaterial world can provide: an enticing idea or a god who will guide him, the superiority of a moral life in the face of harshness, promise of reward in the future or the afterlife, and so on. Just about anything that takes his focus off the inadequate material world would suffice. Without an obvious way to fulfill himself, and with suffocated material opportunities, he will search for his answer elsewhere. By embracing the power of the immaterial, a man can better cope with his crude reality in the material world.

And this is exactly what we are witnessing today in the Western civilization as it continues its decline. With the collapse of the Roman empire, Europe embraced an alien religion, Christianity, as the immaterial authority that would guide them through their dark ages. In spite of their material destitution, their Christian faith became the all unifying source of stability as well as the moral fabric that held the fragmented European societies together. But once the Christian authority was challenged with the rise of powerful monarchs along with schisms that led to bloody internal struggles, it waned in power to eventually be pushed aside for another immaterial ideal: the ideal of the nation-state.

Nation states emerged which Europeans identified strongly with. It wasn’t enough to simply live and function within a state, the Europeans believed in the ideals of their nations and would sacrifice themselves in its defense and glory, hence the term ‘nationalism’. In a way, it is an advanced form of tribalism based on shared culture and collective identity on a grander scale. Christianity wasn’t completely replaced, but became subordinate to the new and dominant immaterial belief of nationalism. Men no longer went on crusades to sacrifice themselves for God, but for their nations. Fighting for the glory and prosperity of their nation states became the highest goal for the Europeans. Even as their material conditions improved, the flames of nationalism continued to burn through rivalries, only to explode with two world wars and fizz out in smoke. Like Christianity before, it faded away and has become something of a dirty word today, especially in Western Europe. And in place of those two vanquished immaterial ideals, the Europeans finally decided to focus on the material security and prosperity.

The Europeans recovered from the devastating war and adopted the model of consumerism imported from the Untied States (now the new global force exporting its material and immaterial values across the world). Consumerism was now their new ideology—the sole ideology of the material world. The Europeans, having discarded all immaterial values, started drowning in their own material comfort and prosperity, especially after the end of the Cold War. They started to focus more on enjoyment and still continue to engage in antiphysical diversions like their popular football games. And this was not limited to Europe. The Anglo-sphere, East Asia, and many other countries followed the lead of United States to live a life dedicated to material prosperity, abandoning everything beyond religion and nationalism to include morality and the sanctity of marriage as well. It seemed as though the whole world was shedding itself of the immaterial ideals they once held so dearly. Only impoverished regions of the world rife with recurrent conflicts still clutched on to their beliefs, with the most notable example being the rise of radical Islam.

But now, things are changing once again for the West. With the financial crisis, crumbling demographic structure, and the general gloom and uncertainty regarding the future, many in the West can no longer afford to remain tranquilized in complacency and opulence. In fact, there are vast number of young men who are underemployed or unemployed in many of these Western countries who can no longer cling onto vanities their parents enjoyed. And as their material conditions start to deteriorate, many are, again, seeking refuge in the immaterial world, reviving the old ideals of Christianity and nationalism while others espouse the political religions of socialism and communism—the polarization of the Left and Right is inevitable. With the path to materialistic life stifled and seeing how much of a criminal organization their globalist governments are, the people are finally waking up. They no longer trust those above them to govern them and they have lost faith in the system that has neglected them. The mass awakening has begun.

The Future Immaterial Struggle

I predict that more people in the future will wake up from their materialistic slumbers as pressure starts to mount with deteriorating social conditions. They will openly rebel against the feckless governments that have been toying with the people for so long. And it’s not a matter of if, but when. The important question is, what immaterial force will emerge dominant, if any?

Europe will likely revert to back to nationalism, ethno-nationalism, to be specific, and its adherents will battle against the Frankenstein European Union for self-determination. Christianity is unlikely to return to Europe in any significant form for as Nietszche correctly pointed out, god had long been dead in Europe. But Europe still has a relatively strong sense of cultural and ethnic identity that will not easily be uprooted.

And what of Anglo-America? There may be many patriotic citizens, but the United States (along with Canada) has never been a nationalistic country with a strong cultural or ethnic identity. Instead of religion or nationalism emerging dominant in Anglo-America, I expect to see brand new ideologies to emerge based on the social realities of the future. The federal government of United States, in particular, wield enormous amount of control through surveillance and brute force. And with not having any other means of keeping the people under control as they did for almost a century through antiphysical culture, the struggle will primarily be between the mass of people resisting against the government forces who keep the elites guarded.

A new ideology in the future would not be an aberration, but something to be expected. When no alternate immaterial belief is available for the people, they will oblige themselves to create one. And we know this through history. In Europe, the spectre of communism was created in the midst of raging nationalism and industrialization. It was a brand new immaterial ideology based on the basic principles of equality and fight against oppression. They may not have created the kind of utopian society they had fought for, but it was the ideal of it that lured many disenfranchised men and women to the revolution. And whatever your opinions may be on their beliefs and practices, the ideals of communism managed to ignite half of the world. It’s also interesting to note that just as nationalism had done with Christianity, communism didn’t simply replace nationalism, but it absorbed and even merged with it in many cases.

And this is what I expect the new immaterial force of the future to do, to absorb the beliefs and values of the past to forge itself, and emerge dominant in the new world order. And as always, it will be a movement of men led by men fueled by masculine energy that had been suppressed for so long. Due to its universal appeal (much like Christianity and communism), it will likely spread beyond Anglo-America to Europe and Asia as well. It will be a movement that merges the immaterial with the material. It will be a movement that will revitalize the core of what it means to be human. It will be a movement that exists for the people and not for some social systems. This new movement will be Primalism.

6 thoughts on “The Mass Awakening

  1. The fact that you use comfort as the madre-causa for the dissolution of immaterial world-views makes me dizzy.
    First of all, it renders naturalistic lifestyles unrecognizable due to the fact that there is either a immaterial or a material distraction/refuge. (Still a distraction)
    It seems that primalism, although highly interesting I must say, is too much of a “history breaking” idea.
    Instead of using class struggle with communist resolution,
    You use primalism as a resolution for the material/imm..
    It is the: androgynous, out-of-spectrum construction.
    Nonetheless, very interesting.

  2. Ok, you got me with the first paragraph….I’m hooked….I have read it twice and going to share with friends….and read again tomorrow……I need to clear my head…and reread to absorb what this registers, in my puter brain!…lol

    I read the Mass Awakenings, loved it….I will reread this article and take notes!

  3. Very good article, especially the second half.. Been looking for something like this. Sorry to see a mall opening in my otherwise street-shopping neighbourhood, more materialism.. But you have nailed it, so many things have been thrown out the window, and materialism and consumerism have been assigned overriding importance. People are so materially content they have long failed to notice or care about so much. But definitely there is an awakening. There’s possibly 2% of people who are as awake as us, but I think at times now 30-60% of people stir into wakefulness by one event or another, and then doze off back to sleep again unfortunately.. Every time it happens, whether it is after the Brussels attacks or the recent Böhmermann scandal in Germany I think “this is it, we’re finally turning a corner!” but it’s not long before people seem to have dozed off again. Still, it’s only logical that the percentage that is permanently awake to it all is growing…

  4. Great piece. Really powerful and profound ideas here.

    I only discovered the richness of the manosphere a few months back with ROK. I assumed it was all about the vanities of bodybuilding and the pursuit of the fleeting pleasures of promiscuous sex with women. Little did I realize the depth of thought and reflection on the state of modern Western man.

    It certainly feels like something big is cooking on the horizon. At some level, I think everyone with a broader perspective than day-to-day living and material wellbeing smells it. The ennui amongst Western men is real. Despite material and relationship success, I feel it myself and I pick it up in subtle and not-subtle cues with male acquaintances, co-workers, friends and family. The masculinity that makes fatherhood, children, family, nation states and civilizations possible is under severe pressure. Feminism denigrates it, pornography weakens it, homosexuality defiles it and transsexualism denies it.

    I hope that these online communities of like-minded men can move away from the anti-physical (but still very valuable) on-line communities to real communities of neo-masculine men. Given the global hysteria that surrounded the ROK meet-ups, I’m not sure how it will happen but I’m hoping it does. It must. Without it, Western Civilization is doomed. To paraphrase the words of Camille Paglia, “The modern economy is a male epic, in which women have found a productive role — but women were not its author. After the next inevitable apocalypse, men will be desperately needed again.”

  5. Corey,

    You are a prophet of a New Age birthing a New(old) Man who will rise above this putrid stench of mediocrity and conformity among males.

    These new men are fucking SAVAGES. We have heard the call of our ancestors from deep inside and they are ferociously clawing their way out from within us to violently smash into this disgustingly weak and effeminate world.

    The modern world and its cadre of weaklings have offended the god of Natural Law. This god is ravenously hungry and he will take back the night so all the fucking cowards and enablers of this modern abomination will TRULY have something to hide from.

    When a degenerate culture calls faggots and hippos heroic, we are truly going to see a return of Infamous Villains to make sure every useless eater must now fend for themselves.

    There is a return of warriors now racing to the front lines of this fight to shout, mock, point at and shove indifferent middle fingers into pudgy faces. We WANT the fight. We WANT the action.

    The primal and savage man is coming back and every weak bitch had better sit the FUCK down and shut their slobbering lips.

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