NEW SITE: ‘Primal Existence’ Now Online

I have great news for the faithful readers who’ve been waiting for my new website go on online. is finally here and it will continue on with the work that I started on this humble blog.

As the new website will be based more on my book, Man’s Fight for Existence, I strongly encourage you to read the book first before visiting the website.

The new website is still at its infancy and you’ll see that there’s a lot of work ahead to get going again. But I hope everyone will join me at Primal Existence so that we can continue on our struggle.

This website will expire on February 2018. I have not made concrete plans as to what I’ll do with the content, but I plant to transfer the better articles over to the new site.

The new site will be better and it will deliver what you’re looking for. So, join us and check out from time to time for new content.

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