Modern Women’s Contempt for Men

Many men—especially young men—living in the West are acutely aware of the changing dynamics of relationship between the sexes. Not only are the vast majority of men slowly losing their value due to having their masculinity systematically repressed, but they are also faced with institutional biases in education and workplaces as well. In addition, their sexual thirst is also artificially inflating the value of women, which has led to a grotesque imbalance of relationship between the sexes. Such is the result of the deregulation of sexual marketplace.

This means that unless you are among the top echelon of men in terms of wealth, looks, intelligence, social status, and charm, you are probably the bottom 80 or 90 percent of men who are mere objects of utility and contempt. Modern Western women simply have no reason to respect men nor do they see most men as their equals. To expect women to treat you with fairness and decency without any solid reason is extremely foolish and even dangerous.

And why should they? What reason, beyond cursory politeness, do women have to treat their low-value male counterparts as their equals? Modern society offers women so much comfort and privilege that not only are today’s young women being better educated and better paid, but they also have the government support in extorting money from both their ex-husbands and tax payers. With government protection and financing, modern women can afford to be ‘independent’ from men. And this is the key point: Any species where the females don’t require the protection and providing of males, there exists a gross sexual dimorphism. Just take a look at certain insect species like spiders or praying mantises where the females are many times larger than the males whose only purpose in their existence is to offer sperm and be cannibalized by the female. The sexual relationship between the male and female Angler Fish is another example of gross imbalance of power that results from females having both sexual power and the power to hunt and protect themselves.

While humans are not bound by their genetics towards sexual dimorphism, the combination of current social conditions and human’s adaptive nature can effectively simulate it. Modern women, with their artificially constructed power, are practically a privileged class of their own over the majority of modern men who are now second-rate citizens.

To women, most men are disposable. There are far too many men and most are useless to a woman who sets her standards high—she knows she deserves only the best. Women know that they can afford to ignore, reject, and dismiss as many men as they can as there will be heaps of more men available to her. While feminists have fought bitterly for social equality between men and women, they quite deliberately ignored women’s power of sexual selection. This may be the reason why many women who push for gender equality are also fat and ugly with no sexual power; they must compensate for their short-comings by bashing men and other more attractive women.

That said, this problem is not limited to mere sexual selection. Women living in today’s cultural climate have been conditioned to be cynical and fearful when interacting with men. I myself have experienced women gawking at me and brushing me off just for asking for the time. I don’t have a single doubt in my mind that these same women would expect men to risk their lives and jump in to save them should they find themselves in trouble. Men are just garbage until women need them.

I’ve experienced similar attitude from female co-workers who ignore me for the most part until they need something from me. When needed, they will temporarily adjust their personality to look and sound all sweet and innocent. They will do this just long enough to squeeze out a favour from me and other male co-workers then return to their default mode as soon as they have obtained what they desired. To them, us men are mere utilities to be used and taken advantaged of. It doesn’t help that white knights and other supplicant males often volunteer their services without even being asked, further increasing women’s sense of entitlement from men.

It’s a fact of modern culture that, with the exception of a select few, modern women have contempt for men in general. Actually, maybe contempt is too strong of a word. Disassociation, exploitation, and a general dismissive attitude is probably more accurate. And if that is your experience as well, then you must face the fact that you are not a high value man—at least not in the eyes of women. If this is the case, you have two choices:

  1. Become a higher value man so that women will change their opinion of you.
  2. Live life in your own terms and become a better man independent of what women think.

Whichever path you choose, you must constantly build yourself and renew yourself into a better version of yourself. It’s best to disregard attracting women and simply work on increasing your value for your own sake. Spending time and energy trying to attract mates is what women do. As a man, as you become someone of higher value, women will naturally fall in line. If they don’t, they were never worth it. But no matter what, never let women’s opinion of you define you. Never let them decide who you are. They have no authority over you unless you allow it.

17 thoughts on “Modern Women’s Contempt for Men

  1. Here is what works best for me:

    1. NoFap (aka continence), the discipline of repossessing your sexuality and deciding by your own volition where to channel it. As opposed to being a weak – willed slave easily provoked and manipulated by any slut (real or virtual) who will spread her legs. NoFap took me a long time to master but bit by bit I regained control over my sexual urges to the point where I am unmoved by some slut prancing around me. It clears the fog and rather than carnal impulses directing me it’s higher and nobler ones. I look women directly in the eyes now and that tells me whether I like them or hate them.

    2. offers a free e book describing masculinity and laying out patriarchy in the most simple, logical, and inspiring way I have ever come across. The best anti-feminist manifesto I have ever read.

  2. If you “Become a higher value man so women will change their opinion of you” that particular woman is not deserving of you in the first place. You shouldn’t have to reinvent yourself for the sole reason of becoming the perfect mate for a woman.
    “Live your life on your own terms and become a better man independent of what women think” is the smarter option.
    Men make one tragic mistake – trying to prove their worthiness to women at all costs, and women play this for all it’s worth. When a man takes a few steps back, eases off and adopts a “this is exactly who and what I am, take me or leave me” attitude, he does himself a huge favor, because she will do exactly that. If she drops him she wasn’t worth having. Also, there are “heaps more women available” to him too, and once a woman realizes his interest and desire may be dwindling the diva attitude deflates rather quickly, particularly if she’s reaching the best before date of age thirty. If it doesn’t – drop her, she doesn’t deserve you.

      • Yes, most young men want sex and most young women want it just as much as their male counterparts, if not more so. Women today are as promiscuous as men, if not more so. I don’t really think it’s difficult at all for young men to get sex. My only advice is DON’T GET HER PREGNANT, if you do she will destroy you.
        It’s very plain to see why in this day and age men will pump and dump, and then run like hell, that is if they choose to risk any involvement with a woman at all.

  3. The autism waves are quite strong with this one. I don’t know if this place is filled with sad men or truly knowledge ridden low-lives.

      • Man, I’ve just got to chime in on this one. So a week ago, I was reading into the BS that went down in a German celebration where a lot of “Mainly Syrian” refugees decided to go and cause “Middle Eastern Testosterone” ridden trouble. Groping and raping women, or some such…don’t remember the details. The point I’m getting to is that the news and media, WOMEN in particular said…where were the local MEN to protect them. In the comments of that article, nearly every man said, and I quote this… “They wanted to be equal and free from being dependent on men, they can protect themselves now”, “Women treat men like shit nowadays, I’m not going to risk my life for the trouble they put me through”, etc etc. One guys said one that just made me face palm in disappointment because I believe it to be true. The remark was “This is what selfish women have brought about themselves”

    • Your comment is the perfect example of the utter lack of ingenuity that makes up the ” fairer sex”. You can only manage to regurgitate the same lines that were spoon fed to you by other members of the female hive. But tell me this, if your so much more superior to these ” autistic men”, than why bother to comment in the first place?

  4. I generally find women boring so don’t have a great deal to do with them.
    They all talk a good game but when it comes to getting anything done we’d still be living in caves if it was left to them.
    Their current social status is merely from standing on the shoulders of what men have achieved. When shit goes down how many women will be on the battlefield?
    Come to think of it how many women can even change to the spare wheel on a car?

  5. Your commentary on the current state of play is spot on, however the conclusion you reach regarding the actions men should take to adapt are absurd, effectively suggesting men kow tow to women’s ridiculously inflated modern day standards. If I want to improve my mate value, then I will do it on my own accord, not because it may help me get some in today’s modern environment. The truth is regardless of the state of societal sexual dynamics, women offer men far less than the other way around. At the end of the day, it is women who lose out with this attitude.

  6. Well, after getting played so very hard by a lady just recently Ive had to relearn all this stuff. The fact she had full blown narcissim and sociopathic tendencies made it even better. This topic is deliberately avoided by the media as it disruptes the agenda. If you put down the male female transaction in a business model even a year 7 economic student would laugh and throw it in the bin. I know even attractive highly skilled men who get paid hansomely in the hard arse world of film making, intelligent, well read guys with a great sense of humor who have simply given up after dealing with the betrayal and time wasting of these self absorbed narcissistic parasites. It is everywhere unfortunately. I have a few mates who’ve paired up with AMAZING women who have compassion, integrity and respect and I count them as equals but, they are rare. Like the Thylacine, there is anecdotal evidence but the jury is out and its largely a myth. I have been cheated on by 90% of the girls Ive been with and everyone of my friends is the same. Body building forum puts it at %83, I had a chat with a random guy who runs a contsruction business last (god looking and charismatic) and he said the same. There is something really sad about the modern female psyche.

  7. Men need to ignore the hormones , apply self discipline & simply treat women as women treat men ….with cold indifference . Corey rightly states ” There are far too many men ” …very true worldwide , around 600 million more men than women , a lot more boys are born than girls , male to female birth ratio varies from 107 -130 boys born for every 100 girls , much more pronounced in the Middle East , India & China where disgusting female infanticide is widely practiced , as they only value males. This also results in immigration to developed countries being around 90% male , further inflating this imbalance. Hence women view men with contempt , women view men as bestial , sex crazed moronic filth , also influenced by the ” media ” & feminist anti-male propaganda. Develop a safe effective male sex drive remover , that does not hamper the ” male drive ” to get things done & we will have a far better world for BOTH genders !!

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